BIAPRO®: Business Intelligence Architecture Professionals

Please feel free to call your nearest/local number from the list below.  We are looking forward to your call.


Toronto:     (+1) 416 992 5050
New York:     (+1) 212 858 9404
Los Angeles:     (+1) 310 299 5050
Madrid:    (+34)  91 080 7654


Please take a few moments to contact us, and feel free to discuss all of your requirements and project needs, including:

  • Design, Build, Implementation, Training and Support of BI, Budgeting and Forecasting solutions fully integrated with your Transactional (ERP/CRM) data systems
  • Advanced Forecasting and Predictive Analytics with Data Mining & Machine Learning
  • Data Quality Services & Master Data Services
  • Fast Close and Data and Process Optimization Projects for your CRM/ERP systems
  • Business Intelligence Road Maps: Getting key information to key resources
  • Best Practices in the Preparation and Review of Your Company's Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning Processes
  • Business Impact Analysis & Zero Based Budgeting: keys to focus resources that strengthen your core business and critical processes while enabling new projects & growth​
  • Business Intelligence Analytics (BIA) Diagnostic
  • PIVOT365™, ​OLAP, MOLAP Data Cubes, Reporting Services, SharePoint BI sites